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It has been nearly a year since the end of the war started by Mariemaia (Endless Waltz) and things on earth and within the colonies have become calm, again. A renewed peace talk has been excepted between Earth and the Space Colonies, and it appears that a new era is to be ushered in thanks largely in part to the five Gundams. However, in an act of pure unselfishness and pacisifism, the five Gundams were destroyed by their very own pilots. A group called, the Preventers, has extended their pacisifist ways throughout the galaxy in a hope to prevent further violence and bloodshed.

A few terrorist groups, on Earth and within the colonies, have managed to crop up, but are quickly dispatched by the new Preventers. Life has become good under their guiding hand and the people of Earth and the Colonies are pleased and happy. Gundams and mobile suits in general are now things of the past. And they are, for the most part, taken apart and used as scrape metal. Guns and all other forms of weaponry are limited solely to the Preventers, and are monitored and banned elsewhere in an attempt to keep violence under control. Even Gundamiun itself is monitored,.. for fear of someone building another of these "Gundam mobile suits" and wreaking havoc on the peaceful people.

Yet, these methods of control are still new and not widely spread or enforced in the Colonies. Especially in places that have been abandoned. And it is here, in the places that the Preventers are not able to safely monitor that problems occur...

Alone in the darkness of space a small, seemingly empty laboratory floats within the territory of the L1 Colony. This lab was abandoned during the first Earth-Colony war when its scientist and mechanics were captured by Oz. However, a new scientist works diligently in the darkness,.. designing, building, storing plans for a new Gundam. A rogue scientist whose plans are secret and unknown to the Preventers, the Colonies, and to Earth...

[Full Prologue]

[Enter Gundam Rogue]